A New Business for the New Age.


We're all about customization. We wanted to place you - your interests and needs - above everything else. So, we came up with something new: instead of offering you generic packages or premade deals, we decided to give you unmitigated freedom! Freedom to choose amongst all the services we offer because we know you are unique and so are your needs. We don't view you as bronze, silver or gold - you are you, and "you" are special.

So go ahead: cherry pick your way through this buffet of digital marketing! 



Diego Rotea

Diego has involved himself in entrepreneurial camps and programs since the age of 17. Over the years he grew a passion for creative marketing and has decided to dive into the digital sector.  Diego is recognized as a Google Adwords & Analytics certified professional, and with an entrepreneurial spirit he has one goal in mind; to help your business grow. 


Shreyas Chaturvedi

Shreyas is skilled in the art of photography, film-making, writing and editing. He's been a part of several festivals in the DFW area and is passionate about and experienced in digital marketing.  

Kolton G. Krottinger

Kolton Krottinger is a Navy Veteran with the biggest heart for helping others. Honorably discharged from the military in 2013, he quickly discovered how difficult it was to transition into civilian life. Determined, Kolton founded a company that quickly grew into a million dollar business. With the power of social media attributing to his success, he wants to open up the digital world to other business owners.


Young Disruptors strives to be your one-stop solution to all things digital marketing in The Colony, Texas. We think we're the best in the area, and we're just getting started.